Tom Harrison House

At Tom Harrison House, we support men and women who have served in the UK Armed Forces, and whose lives have been derailed through alcoholism and addiction, into new lives of abstinence and recovery. We treat the most vulnerable veterans from all walks of life and from across the UK.

Our programme centres on an intensive 12-week recovery programme which includes in-depth therapeutic and practical interventions, a strong family support programme, development of skills to equip clients with social competence, educational support and employment guidance and, most importantly, a real sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Operations Manager

Ross Forrest

Tom Harrison House

Registered Charity No. 1154510


4 Argyle Road
L4 2RS

Telephone: 0151 909 8481



How we work

Our individualised addiction treatment facilitates ongoing recovery in a healing environment and prepares clients for community reintegration. Veterans develop resilience, build strong recovery and social capital, and acquire a high of level social responsibility that they then take out into their own communities.

Alongside the more traditional elements of treatment, such as group therapy and individual counselling, we incorporate a range of physical and experiential activities which contribute to the strength of our community and to the “whole-person recovery” philosophy of the project.

On offer at completion of the programme is ongoing support at The Bridge House Project, where graduates are accommodated alongside other veterans and civilians in recovery as they prepare for full reintegration in the locality of their choice.


Please accept this letter as confirmation that we, as the management of Tom Harrison House, authorise to fundraise on behalf of our charity.
Any funds raised as contributions to Tom Harrison House will be used toward achieving our aim of providing effective addiction treatment to veterans, still-serving soldiers, reservists and their families from across the UK Armed Forces.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing work in support of the Armed Forces community, and for  thinking of Tom Harrison House as worthy of inclusion as a beneficiary of your organisation.

With kind regards,
Ross Forrest
Operations Manager

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