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After someone leaves service, they remain part of the Royal Navy community, and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) supports veterans of all ages throughout the rest of their lives. From helping working age veterans find employment to providing access to support services in retirement, the RNRMC is always by their side to ensure that veterans enjoy the best possible quality of life. The RNRMC works closely with a huge range of partner organisations, providing grant funding and developing groundbreaking collaborative initiatives to support the health, wellbeing and dignity of our Royal Navy and Royal Marines veteran community.

Engagement and Brand Coordinator

Jo Miles

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

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I am writing to say a heartfelt thank you on behalf of everyone here at the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity for choosing to support us through the sales of your travel mugs and vacuum flasks. We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Veterans Support UK.

The defining purpose of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is to make a positive difference to the lives of those who serve or have served in the Royal Navy, and their dependants throughout their lives. Working with partners and after careful analysis of where the need is greatest in our community, we tackle a wide range of issues that people experience, from supporting those with relationship and financial difficulties to those affected by bereavement, injury or disability. The funding we provide for the frail and elderly, homeless, those seeking employment or struggling with mental health recovery has never been in more demand. We remain committed to being by the side of all our beneficiaries.

Thank you again for your support to RNRMC, enabling us to uphold our mission of supporting our sailors, marines and their families, for life.

Yours sincerely,
Jo Miles
Engagement and Brand Coordinator

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