Royal Tank Regiment

Royal Tank Regiment


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The Royal Tank Regiment is the oldest tank unit in the world.

Motto: ‘Fear Naught’

From the Battle of the Somme on the fields of France in 1916. to the current day, the Royal Tank Regiment has served in almost every conflict that the British Army has served in.

Famously known as those that conducted the main first tank attack using the new technology against an enemy at the Battle of Cambrai in 1917.

In the deserts of North Africa, they became known as the ‘Deserts Rats’, and were instrumental in defeating Erwin Rommel and the previously much vaunted ‘Afrika Corps’, in both Tobruk and El Alamein.

Without such a victory the defeat of the whole Allied cause may have occurred.

After Africa, the Royal Tank Corps advanced against German forces in the taking of Italy, and then took an very important role in ‘Operation Overlord’, liberating Europe from German NAZI occupation.

After 1945, the Regiment served the United Kingdom’s interests during the Suez Crisis

The Colonel in Chief of the Royal Tank Regiment is Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizbeth II.

God Save the Queen…


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