RAF School of Recruit Training


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  • Stainless Steel and clad with bamboo.
  • Reusable and long lasting.
  • Support the UK Veterans charity of your choice by purchasing these useful items.


We can all remember entering the gates of Swinderby or Halton for the first time and hearing the dulcet tones of the instructors of the School of Recruit Training.

I think a great many of us thought ‘what the f*** have I let myself in for’?

But it became the first step in a life changing experience that very few regret.

I can easily recall being herded into a hanger at Swinderby on arrival, and everyone trying to huddle together at the back of the hanger trying to become anonymous.

For me, it was a short lived anonymity as an officer emerged from an office and shouted, ‘OK! Which one’s the Womble’?

Happy days…

(I still bull my shoes but it is difficult to make a bed pack with a duvet)!

The flask can hold 450ml of your favourite tipple, although you will also find it is the ideal container for our teas.

The mug has a closable lid and a non-slip base which also helps protect surfaces from the effects of any hot liquid in the mug.

They are laser etched with the insignia of RAF School of Recruit Training.

They can hold 400ml of your favourite tipple,  Brandy, Scotch, or anything else that we are told we should not partake.

Thank you for your purchase, and your very welcome donation.

Per Ardua


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