RAF Regiment Anniversary 51 Sqn


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  • Stainless Steel and clad with bamboo.
  • Reusable and long lasting.
  • Ideal for serving personnel.
  • Able to be personalised at no extra cost
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These mugs and flasks are etched with the insignia of 51 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, and also the RAF Regiment insignia commemorating the 80 years the Regiment having protected the Royal Air Force installations.

51 Squadron RAF Regiment falls under 5 Force Protection Wing and is based at RAF Lossiemouth.

Their personnel are highly trained in Dismounted Close Combat, Ground Extraction Force, Close Quarter Battle and NBCR operating environments.

The Squadron’s history dates from the formation in 1940 with the formation of 2716 Sqn RAF Regiment. In 1947 the Squadron was redesignated 51 Squadron RAF Regiment as a rifle Squadron defending RAF facilities from ground attack.

From 1955 it was assigned the light anti-aircraft role, until it was disbanded in 1957.

The Squadron was reformed in 1964 and served in Cyprus, Aden and Africa, again as a rifle Squadron. From 1968 the Squadron saw service in UK, Northern Ireland, Oman and Hong Kong.

In 1982 the Squadron re-roled operating the CVR family, (Scorpion, etc) and served in Germany as Airfield Ground Defence.

The Squadron saw service in Saudi Arabia during the war following the invasion of Kuwait, but was disbanded in 1993.

The Squadron reformed in 2001 at RAF Honington, from where they were sent to RAF Lossiemouth.

The Squadron served in Iraq, and from they rotated to Afghanistan on 3 separate occasions. The Squadron suffered a casualty when a member of the Squadron was killed by an IED.

The Squadron was involved in the defence of their base known as Camp Bastion, when 15 Taliban insurgents were killed or captured.

The Squadron comprises is a self-contained unit of nearly 170 personnel and is again permanently based at RAF Lossiemouth. It is equipped and trained in a number of specialist capabilities including the 81mm mortars, machine guns and anti-armour – such as Javelin and Next generation Light Anti-tank.


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