2622 Highland Squadron RAF Regiment


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  • Highland Squadron flask
  • The ideal gift for those that served with 2622 Royal Air Force Auxiliary Regiment


Made from Stainless Steel and clad with bamboo, this Vacuum Flask is reusable and long lasting.

It will keep hot liquid hot and cold liquids refreshingly cold for hours at a time.

It is laser etched with the insignia of 2622 Royal Air Force Auxiliary Regiment, and also the Crest of the Royal Air Force Regiment.

2622 RAuxAF Regiment formed in 1979 at RAF Lossiemouth as a volunteer force, with members deployed to Bosnia, Cyprus and Kuwait, and then Iraq and Afghanistan.

All members uphold the best traditions of the Royal Air Force.

The Royal Air Force Regiment was founded in 1942 for the defence of Royal Air Force facilities operations around the world, and now comprises of 14 Squadrons.

They have been involved in all operations of the Royal Air Force since their formation, and have served with distinction in every area.

There is a rumour that they eat crayons.

This is untrue.

The RAF Regiment only eat the crayon wrappers. They donate the crayons themselves to their oppo’s in the Army who have yet to figure out how to remove the wrappers…

The flask can hold 400ml of your favourite tipple, although you will find it is the ideal container for Daokrajai teas, and of course Brandy, Scotch, or anything else that we are told we should not partake.

It also results in a donation of £5.00 to a charity of your choice.

Thank you for your purchase, and your very welcome donation.

Per Ardua…


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