101 Sqn RAF


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  • Stainless Steel and clad with bamboo.
  • Reusable and long lasting.
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101 Squadron RFC was fist formed in July 1917 as a night bomber Squadron, and was disbanded in 1919.

The Squadron was reformed in 1928 as a day bomber Squadron, and was involved in ‘Special Operations’ jamming and deceiving German Fighter Controllers.

In 1950, 101 Squadron took delivery of the English Electric Canberra, and became the Royal Air Forces’ first jet bomber squadron.

(The world’s first Jet bomber Squadron was Germany’s Kampfgeschwader 76 flying the Arado Ar 234).

The Squadron temporarily disbanded in February 1957, but reformed in that October equipped with the Vulcan, and remained on active duty until being disbanded in 1982.

During 101 Squadron’s Vulcan years, they undertook the longest non-stop flight from RAF Waddington to RAAF Base Richmond, in NSW, Australia. A total of 10,000 nautical miles.

The Squadron reformed in 1984, flying first the VC10 K2, and since – as now – the Airbus Voyager KC2 and KC3

The mug has a closable lid and a non-slip base which also helps protect surfaces from the effects of any hot liquid in the mug.
It can hold 400ml of your favourite tipple, Brandy, Scotch, or anything else that we are told we should not partake.

The thermos flask can hold 450ml of your favourite tipple and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

They are made of stainless Steel with a bamboo sleeve which is laser etched with the insignia of 101 Squadron.

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