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All Call Signs was created by two veterans Dan Arnold and SJ James, who both suffer with mental health issues that stem from their military careers. In the wake of the loss of their service friend, Danny Johnston, in May 2018, the pair put their heads together to provide a solution to what they saw as a gap in services available to our Armed Forces personnel. Since we founded All Call Signs we have managed to grow exponentially.

Our Beacon application (for recovering at-risk members of the Armed Forces community when they go missing) has 7500+ users. We have launched 126 Beacon ‘Alerts’ – this is a call to action that goes out to all subscribers in order to ensure any veterans or service personnel at risk are recovered before making a poor decision. The purpose of Beacon is to raise community awareness of a person at risk and make them viral on social media. Our current Beacon reach has seen audiences reach a massive 100,000 in 30 minutes, 1.3 million within 24 hours and over 3.5 million within 72 hours.  More…

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One notable success story was an All Call Signs subscriber who was working in a hotel and had served breakfast to one of our missing veterans that morning. He had gone missing in Scotland, taken an unknown car and booked into a hotel in Cornwall under an alias, using cash. The police were notified and on the back of that information, they attended as he was making immediate preparations to end his life.

Our chat application is the largest peer support network in the UK with 700 dedicated support listeners, all with a military background. We consistently see new ‘chats’ of around 120 (50 before Covid19) per week being started on the network and as a result we regularly signpost to other charities and organisations for everything from housing and work opportunities to therapy for mental health issues.

We have been campaigning on behalf of veterans for improvements in the provisions surrounding mental health, this has seen us speaking directly with members of Parliament and even having a round table discussion to discuss our ideas and proposed solutions. We have seen positive change, including the Government announcing they will instruct coroners to record veteran suicide correctly; a key necessity to ensure better funding and awareness of veteran suicide.

Our Caseworker platform is here to help veterans and service personnel living with poor mental health get access to the right support and treatment. Whether the services needed are provided by us or by a service delivery partner, All Call Signs remain your single point of contact and the case worker assigned to you will help ensure that your needs are met in the right way, in good time. We know how difficult it can be to make sense of all of the different treatment options and organisations providing them; with Caseworker, you’ll have a helping hand every step of the way. Since the introduction of Caseworker in September 2019 we are actively supporting Veterans and Serving Personnel with their own positive pathways and have funded individuals with access to private therapies.

What started out as a passion project in the wake of our friends suicide in 2018  we have now grown into a valuable and much needed service with over 82,000 Facebook followers. None of this could happen without the fantastic support we have received from the public and the press – and for this we are massively thankful!

Dear John

We at All Call Signs are delighted that Veterans Support UK has chosen to fundraise on our behalf.

Donations to our organisation are vital in allowing us to continue to support veterans and service personnel in a very real way, through our Beacon and Chat applications. You’ll help fund future projects, all focused on improving the support for poor mental health in the military community.

I would encourage everyone to visit our Facebook page. A lot of our outreach starts on Facebook. Following our page and sharing our posts is the quickest way to immediately allow us to extend our reach.

On behalf of all of the team here at All Call Signs, I can confirm that we are aware and give permission to to raise funds in aid of All Call Signs

Vicky Faux
Veteran Peer Support Worker

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