Veterans Support UK raises funds for charities that look after our Military Veterans and Serving Personnel.

Our veterans in particular are often neglected once their service in finished even though they may have suffered physical or mental trauma because of their service to our country.

 UK Veterans Charities

Veterans Support UK is not a charity in itself. Instead it raises funds for a number of charities by donating 20% of the sale of quality goods to the UK veterans charity chosen by the purchaser.

20% of sales price equates to 80% of what would normally be sale profit by other outlets.

The charities represented are vetted carefully.

Charities must show that a large proportion of the funds they raise are actually allocated to the causes they support. Only the UK veterans charities that truly support our veterans  are selected to have funds raised through the website.

There are large and well-known charities that are not supported by Veterans Support UK as they do not show this.


 About Our Products

All the goods available on the website are practical and of good quality. New products are continuously being sourced to add to the selection available.

They include the insignia so recognisable to serving members and veterans –  Stations/Regiments/Ships/Squadrons etc. As such they make ideal gifts for those serving, and especially for veterans who remain proud of their service.

NOTE: To market any  products that display these insignia requires a licence issued by MOD.
Veterans Support UK have been granted such a licence.

MOD Licence for Military Insignia


John Keith Wombwell trading as Veterans Support UK


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About Veterans Support UK

Veterans Support UK has been funded and is run by myself, John Wombwell since its inception. I am a veteran, having served in the Royal Air Force between 1976 and 1986.

My father served 9 years before me. My grandfather served in the West Riding Regiment of Yorkshire from 1912 until his release from captivity in 1919, having been captured on the Somme in 1916.

Since my discharge I have been lucky enough to live and work in Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, Oman and Australia. All this was made possible because of the training I was given by the Royal Air Force,

I feel it is time for me to try to help those who have been less fortunate than myself.

I appreciate all the assistance I have been given in building this website. I have been encouraged and supported by other veterans through their purchases and advice, and by the enthusiasm of the charities that we work with.

Veterans Support UK

Charitable Support

We all go through tough times in our lives. However those who have disabilities; physical, emotional, or mental caused by their service are often neglected by wider society.

In many cases, it is because assistance available in civilian life is not suitable for those that have known a totally different way of life in uniform.

This is especially true in the treatment of emotional or mental trauma.

Military veteran run services are often more effective than those available in ‘civvy street’. However they are most often charities that rely on donations to be able to help serving members and veterans with their specialist help.

Addiction, Homelessness and Criminal proceedings can all affect a person leaving or having left the Armed Forces. They suffer through emotional/mental issues caused by their service and often find it difficult to adjust to civilian life after discharge.

The charities Veterans Support UK support try to help veterans overcome these situations.

The reason Veteran run charities are more effective than others in the civilian world is that those that administer the assistance are themselves veterans and understand the military ethos.

The military ethos is especially important to those that have served in conflict zones. They depend on those around them and know that those around them are dependent on them in return.

These are people that enlisted in their teenage years, and found themselves in a family as close, if not closer, than with their biological families.

Their leaving the military denies them of the close bonds they had made during their time, which compounds any emotional issues they may suffer from.

I would like to ask of any and every veteran that knows of or sees another ex-serviceman or woman in trouble through drugs, homelessness, criminal sanction, or has emotional or mental problems, please do not walk on by.

Please offer them help and assistance.

Please remember:

‘There, but for the grace of god, go I’

God Save The Queen